From to time I do stuff…

…but I’m sorry, I haven’t been updating this site. I promise to do better!

I have been slow to return to playing after lockdown. One of my great woes is that I have been getting severe cramp, and when playing this occurs in my left hand, making it impossible to continue. I have an autoimmune disease and recent changes to my drug regime has improved this immeasurably,

Don’t Spook The Horse played in October 2023 and I only got cramp in the last few minutes, so I’m looking forward to getting out again with that band!

I have recorded an album ‘On the Perimeter’ with the Mark Fawcett Band and have been mixing that for ages. Reggie (the bass player) has come to my rescue and we have done a load of mixes together. It is so near to completion! It will be out on CD and I dare say uploaded to some of the streaming platforms – simply because I know CD player ownership is declining…I’d I like people to get familiar with the music before seeing us play.

My production business Fish Need Snorkels has been going from strength to strength, and consuming a lot of my time and energy, so there’s another reason why you haven’t heard from me in a while…

However, I’ve got a new guitar and a Lazy J amp and I’m desperate to unleash these on the world 🙂